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Thinking about an upgrade to your outdoor living space or curb appeal, but concerned because of how daunting it seems? Whether you simply want a great space to entertain, or are hoping to increase your property value, Gold Hammer Construction is the superior choice.


How to Get the Best ROI From an Outdoor Remodel

Our Diamond Certified status means we’ve proven ourselves to be dedicated to satisfying clients through attentive service, quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and non-intrusive construction processes.

Curb appeal can set the whole tone for your property, so it only makes sense to combine just the right mix of style and functionality in order to make it comfortable, practical, and aesthetic.

The Process, Made Simple

Step 1: Meeting the Contractor

Helping each customer personalize the remodel to their satisfaction is one of our main goals. So, our first step is a simple set of questions that allow us to remodel your space so that it best accommodates your lifestyle and needs and best utilizes the natural surroundings.

Step 2: Estimates

Our estimates consist of a written step-by-step description of the work to be performed and include the different stages of each project as it progresses. One of the many benefits of a detailed bid is peace of mind for the customer. A visual breakdown of the labor, materials, and even service trades helps to eliminate any guesswork and allows you to see exactly where your labor and construction expenses are going.

Step 3: Getting Started

Once the contract is agreed upon, a start date is determined and the necessary permits are pulled. We provide the homeowner with a shopping list to help make the process move along faster and easier.

How Obtrusive is the Remodel Process?

Our crews arrive to each job site every day in our white company utility trucks, wearing company shirts so you can’t miss them. All crew members have a great attitude, take pride in their work, and always show up with a smile. At Gold Hammer Construction we want our work, our customer service, and our craftsmanship to stand out, not our mess.

In order to keep the remodel process as unobtrusive as possible, we will:

  • Relocate any existing features to a different area of the yard, keeping you free to manage daily routines.
  • If necessary, we seal in the construction zone to prevent dust and debris from spreading into and throughout your home.
  • Instead of parking a dumpster in your driveway, we employ a dump trailer that we take with us every day so that parking and unsightly refuse in front of your home are not issues.

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