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Our Mission

At Gold Hammer Construction, we are dedicated to making our clients happy, through quality materials and superior craftsmanship, and through a non-intrusive and efficient construction process.

When I decided to build my company up from scratch, I really had to soul-search to decide what kind of construction company it was going to be. In my personal experience working for other construction companies, I found that most of them had one thing in mind and that was the bottom line. It was almost always rushed, people came and went regularly, Subcontractors were hired simply based on price and sometimes projects would go well and sometimes they didn’t.

This is not the type of company I wanted. The type of company culture I decided to build is almost the entire opposite of where I’ve worked in the past. Keeping a consistent crew is a must have (to me), this allows us to train our crew on the little things that make the difference. We treat them as an extension of our family and provide a living wage with benefits so they can provide for their loved ones. I take great pride in being an employer in the construction industry where I can offer the opportunity to build a future and provide stability in an industry that typically has a lot of turn over. I feel it is important to be a company people can rely on.

Over the years, I have cultivated relationships with our Subcontractors to be able to rely on them, so our jobs run smoothly. I like having comfort knowing they work well with our team and our clientele and provide a superior product we all can be proud of. Loyalty is key to everyone’s success.

When Gold Hammer Construction shows up at your home you can expect a friendly exchange, if you have a dog, it will most likely get a nice petting from our team, answers to any questions you may have and a clean work site at the end of the day.



Expert Status

Diamond Certified

Meet our owner Dave, as he talks about Gold Hammer Construction.

Why Choose Us?

We listen to our customers

One of our primary goals is to listen closely to the desires of the homeowner and to respond to all inquiries as thoroughly as possible. We can assist customers with ideas and options for an entire interior remodeling job, or we can address particular aspects of a remodel, such as the layout and design of the lighting or the numerous types of kitchen cabinets. We want to help each customer personalize the remodel to their satisfaction.

We keep clean job sites

Another goal at Gold Hammer is to maintain a clean and orderly job site. Our employees are courteous, professional, experienced and diligent about keeping an orderly and efficient job site. At Gold Hammer Construction, we want our work and our craftsmanship to stand out, not our mess.