Gold Hammer Construction Inc

Our process

Our Framework

Step 2: Estimates

Our estimates consist of a written step-by-step description of the work to be performed and include different stages of each project as it progresses.

One of the many benefits of a detailed bid is peace of mind for the customer.  A visual breakdown of the labor, materials, and even service trades help to eliminate any guesswork and allows you to see exactly where your labor and construction expenses are going.

Step 1: Meet the Contractor

Helping each customer personalize the remodel to their satisfaction is one of our main goals.

So, our first step is a simple set of questions that allow us to set up a remodel that best accommodates your lifestyle and needs, and best utilizes the space.

Step 3: Getting Started

Once the contract is agreed upon, a start date is determined and the necessary permits are pulled.  

We provide the homeowner with a shopping list to help make the process move along faster and easier.